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Bird Song Id

  • BirdSongId Australia: Bird Song Identification App

Isoperla Wildlife App Developers for Australia

Wildlife Apps for Australia

Isoperla create stunning wildlife guides. For Australia we have recently launched Bird Song Id. Click on the product icon above for more details.

Automatic Recognition

Isoperla are reinventing wildlife field guides for the mobile age with Automatic Recognition.

Our Bird Song Id app helps you automatically identify singing birds of Australia by their songs and calls. It works a little like Shazam, but for bird song.

We use quantitative statistics for species identification, our KUSAM method was developed specifically for mobile devices. Users can keep a spatial record of their sightings on a map and share them with others.

Quality is at the core of all our products. We only use content that is created by conservation agencies, charities, published ecologists and specialist photographers.

Bird Song Id a short film by Isoperla on Vimeo.

Isoperla Framework Library

The Isoperla Framework Library is the code base on which our wildlife apps are built. The framework is written in native code. It is data driven, well architected and robust.

Our framework library has support of geotagging of user sightings built in. This allows users to record sightings and add photos. Sightings appear on a map, and can be shared with others. Our products are creative, elegant and innovative.

BirdSongId like Shazam for Birds

Identify Bird Song Automatically

Our Bird Song Id app identifies common bird species from songs picked out of the air using the device microphone. It works a little like Shazam but for bird song.

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